Children and young people are our most important and precious resource. They are the key to our future and in Reading we take our responsibility to achieve the best possible outcomes for them very seriously.

Developing and ensuring delivery of excellent services to our young people is therefore vital and a key aspect of this role. There will be challenges along the way but we are determined to achieve our ambition, which is for children and young people to achieve theirs.

As we set out our mission as a new company, we are acutely aware that our executive team must be high calibre and effective to deliver our vision. We are now looking for a strong and experienced DCS to lead across the whole portfolio of children’s services, including education and early help.

This role requires a driven professional who will steer the delivery of a top-quality service, stretch our boundaries and help Brighter Futures for Children be at the forefront of delivering quality services for children and young people.

Ultimately our ambition is to build a reputation for delivering excellent services which we can capitalise on and sell to other organisations. Transformation will be a constant and innovation a daily task but the successful candidate will have the drive and enthusiasm to work within the company set up – and to the Managing Director - to achieve this goal.

We make no apologies for aiming to be the best and in using innovative techniques and approaches to achieve our objectives, our children deserve no less. What we need from you is talent, experience, energy and resilience.

This role is a great opportunity. Help us make Reading one of the best places in the UK to grow up in and impact positively on the lives of our children and young people. If you would like to join our dynamic and visionary Company, then we would love to hear from you.

Deborah Jenkins

Chair, Brighter Futures for Children

Peter Sloman

Chief Executive, Reading Borough Council